Omit non-enrolled users of a course from ARC insight reporting

Idea created by Robert Mann on Oct 3, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Occasionally, something goes wrong with a video that should load in ARC, and end-users report the problem to Canvas Support. Then support staff (including our own admin users) enters our Canvas instance to troubleshoot the issue and they will likely view the video to ensure all is working well.


    This behavior consequentially records their activity in the insight reporting available from ARC. This issue has created additional support questions from our instructors trying to find out about the unfamiliar names appearing in the ARC reporting. As our admin users evaluate these unknown users, it is often the case they are not even users of our instance.


    It would be ideal that such reporting should only track "authorized" students/active participants associated with the course. If this idea is considered too complex to change, perhaps an alternative is to group the non-essential users within the UI along with adding to the application settings to toggle those group of users as hidden or visible.