Canvas StudentApp: Pick Up Where You Left Off

Idea created by Matt Callicott on Oct 3, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jeremy Stevens
    • Christopher Paulus
    • Matt Callicott

    It is frustrating when I am deep within a course’s content in the Canvas Student App, whether it be files or hyperlinks, and exit the app, because when I open the app back up I find that canvas has been reset to the dashboard. 


    Specifically, this is a nuisance with MFA, considering that many MFAs require a push notification or some other interactions from your phone. So when you initiate the MFA in the app, you have to leave the app, and then come back to the app. When this happens, you find that you are not where you left off, and thus have to go through the process again. Moreover, it is impossible to engage in certain content due to this MFA wall, without translating from canvas to a browser. 


    Im essence, I’m advocating for the ability/option to pick up where you left off - perhaps a pop up asking you if that is what you want to do. To eliminate a sense of infinite pop ups, perhaps the pop up could happen within a certain time interval, say 10 minutes. 


    Thank you for the consideration.