Peer Reviews for Every Assignment

Idea created by ALYSON SMITH on Oct 4, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • michelle Bullock

    It'd be really neat if we could assign peer reviews for every submission type. For instance, I assigned a project to my class. In that assignment, they submitted using an external tool (i.e. Google Docs). So the students, finished the assignment, and submitted. I thought it would be great to have students trade and grade today. So I was going to assign peer reviews anonymously today. However, you cannot do this if your submission type is external tool. Now, you can do this if your submission type is every other form (on paper, online, and no submission). I understand this might be difficult with some of the other submission types under external tool, but for Google Docs, it looks very similar in Speed Grader. I have not used other external tool submissions.