Page-level editing permissions/restrictions

Idea created by Gloria Klapstein on Oct 5, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I am the main course coordinator for a *very* large course which has 20 faculty members plus numerous administrators and administrative assistants who all have editing permission in the course so that they can upload lecture content to pages  or assignments I created for each lecture and laboratory session. However, I also have some informational pages in the course which are extensively cross-referenced and cross-linked to other pages and other courses. The problem is that if someone has permission to edit the course, they can edit everything in the course! Having so many editors is wreaking havoc with my cross-links, and my carefully created structure is sometimes deleted, edited, or renamed without my permission or knowledge, leading to broken links and much confusion for me and all of the students. It would be nice to give editing permission on each page to only those individual or groups of faculty and administrative assistants who need to edit the content of that page, and restrict permission (or lock) some pages so that only I can edit them. You could create a new user level permission called course coordinator who could have the permission to decide which other users have editing privilege for each page.