Hide Old Groups from Canvas Student dashboard

Idea created by Juan Ortiz Rojas on Oct 6, 2018
    Open for Voting

    There is a 2015 thread that includes this idea. There are even responses from the Instructure/Canvas team that celebrate how old ideas still can get done, and all that. 


    The reality is that, at least in the Canvas Student app, old groups are still visible. A support representative just confirmed that the groups will remain visible until the courses are closed, which is also mentioned in the old 2015 thread by a Canvas representative. But I don’t want the old courses closed or concluded because having the opportunity to access them is beneficial.


    My old courses, though not closed, are not visible when I open the Canvas app because I only star the courses I’m currently taking this quarter. Whenever I need to go take a look at those old courses, I star them again and see whatever I need to see. It is at that moment that the corresponding groups should be visible again.


    When I’m done seeing whatever I needed to see in the old courses, I then un-star them so I don’t have to see those courses when I open the app. At that moment, the groups corresponding to those old courses should be hidden too, just as the courses are hidden. 


    The big issue is that there’s a tendency to divide the class into small groups (apparently) with the purpose of furthering a sense of community.  Every professor is doing it, even when the course material doesn’t really call for personal, small-group-oriented discussions. That means that, if I am never able to hide old groups just like I hide old courses, old groups will accumulate up until my last quarter. And then I will see every single group since Fall 2017, which will be about 20+ groups visible in the app dashboard as if I were going to use them. That’s very unhelpful, which I’m sure is the reason why you figured out a way to hide the courses. So please, get the groups hidden with their corresponding courses.