Notification Preferences for Assignment Created

Idea created by Paula Levy on Oct 9, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Getrude Koech
    • Eric Fong
    • Seyon Wind

    Please allow users to set notification preferences for "Assignment Created."  When I (or any of my co-teachers) create assignments, I get too many emails notifying me about the assignment created.  I would prefer to not get as many emails.  I do not see how to set that preference.


    For further clarification: 

     When I create an assignment, I want my students to receive a notification, therefore I don't want to stop notifications going out to anyone.  As a co-teacher, I want to know if my co-teacher has posted something - but I only want an email at most once daily. I don't need an email if I create an assignment (I should know if I created one).  So, I would like to set my notification settings as I do for other things at Notification Preferences.