Mastery Paths Assignment that SYNC to Pinnacle SIS

Idea created by Stacey Noonan on Oct 9, 2018
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    • Michelle Harmon
    • Avi Hanner
    • Rachel Topor


    One of the ways we use Mastery Paths is to have students complete different assignments based upon a grade on a pre-assessment for a topic/standard.  While we are able to see and accurately grade students work for any assignment completed at the end of the mastery path we cannot SYNC to the SIS pinnacle gradebook.  SYNC features are only allowed when an assignment is assigned to a whole class, which is not always the case when using Mastery Paths. 


    Have a way for teachers to indicate which assignments in a Mastery Path should be combined to create 1 assignment when SYNCing to SIS like Pinnacle or allow the SYNC to occur and just leave all students without grades for the assignment as blanks.