Fast renaming of groups in a group set

Idea created by Preben Holm on Oct 10, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Preben Holm
    • Brian Wallace

    Having a group set of 80 groups (with self sign-up) a fast renaming feature would be appreciated. E.g. I just had my students self sign-up in around 80 groups being distributed among 4 examination classes.

    Since each class have 4 different instructors which have to grade the assignments from their class we need to identify which class a group belongs to - the easiest way is to name the groups as

    • Class 1 - Group 1
    • Class 1 - Group 2
    • ...
    • Class 2 - Group 1
    • Class 2 - Group 2
    • ...

    This is quite a tedious task, but could be enhanced if a fast renaming function was made.

    An easy implementation of this could be to either

    • Create different group sets and then implement a "merge group sets" function.


    • Create a fast renaming by having all the group names in an editable table layout.