Rely on ID numbers to import

Idea created by John Goodge on Oct 10, 2018
    Open for Voting

    To import grades into Canvas from a .csv file, I follow the instructions on information (columns) that must be included. I'm directed to include student name in 1st column and student ID number in 2nd, followed by other entries. Once I've created the .csv file and selected it to upload, Canvas then says it doesn't recognize the students and can't match grade information. This may be because my registered students are coded as Last name, First name, whereas Canvas is expecting First Last name. So then Canvas asks me to match (toggling by hand!) my students with a pop-up list of possible matches. This is a ridiculous waste of time when I have 120 students! Plus, even though I don't have dyslexia, it's a challenge to match one column of Last,First with pop-ups listed as First Last. And this time-intensive, manual step risks creating errors when I've already set up the import file in the correct format.


    Why not just import using the student ID numbers, which are UNAMBIGUOUS?! Please simplify and eliminate a source of human error!