Add Course ID to LTI Live Events

Idea created by Adham Muhseen on Oct 10, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We are trying to use the Canvas live events to generate submission receipts that are sent to students and stored for record keeping purposes. This is a significant requirement that has been identified for the students to be able to receive confirmation of submission external to the LMS that can be provided as proof. The proof can be used by students in case of any issues/disputes as well as for Teachers and Admins to be able to investigate for auditing purposes.
    We are using the Canvas live events to notify our systems that an assignment has been submitted based on the above requirements.


    In the live events for native assignment submissions (submitted through Canvas), the course ID is sent as part of the data however with external tool submissions the course ID is not included (The submission ID, User ID and Assignment ID are included in both types).


    As you all may be aware of using external tools for assignment submissions is very common in Canvas, and we use external tools for assignment submissions a lot. Without the course ID in the live event data, we are unable to associate the submission or assignment ID with a course and as such cannot use them to make any API requests or properly log the event (The API calls to query assignments and submissions require you to provide the course ID).


    It would be great to have the course ID included in the live event data for assignment submissions done through external resources.