Ability for Students to view Grades from all prior classes/terms

Idea created by Alisha Engan-Wiler on Oct 10, 2018

    As with other common websites "livegrades.com", that allows elementary and high school students to see their historical grades from prior years& semesters for all classes, it would be nice if this college based website would store those also for the student to access.  It is extremely frustrating not being able to view your final grade or project assignments grades because the instructor closed the course.  Additionally, I approached my employer about signing on with the partnership program, but was unable to pull up my prior grades for his review.   I feel as though I should have the ability to view all of the grades, for all of the classes, for all of the terms that I have been enrolled in.  I don't want to push my luck by asking for the ability to print them too.  I would be fine with a screen shot if the developers don't want to go the extra mile to accommodate this feature.