Assignment Re-Submission Notifications

Idea created by Craig Milgrim on Oct 11, 2018
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    • Craig Milgrim
    • David Seagal
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    • Joanne Glasgow
    • Siri Vindal
    • Evelyn Sullivan
    • Kelly Paynter
    • Michelle Hassler
    • Annemieke van Goor

    This idea was posted in 2015-16 and scored 100% approval.  But...nothing from Canvas

    So I am submitting again


    The assignment notification on the main page is useless as it only indicates when an individual student or student group has submitted their 1st assignment.  There is no notification for re-submissions.  In fact, there is no way in Canvas to see if a student or group has done a re-submission except via the emails that are sent out.  In Speed grader the drop down for groups only shows a group has submitted something, nothing on submissions. 


    Notifications need to indicate who submitted not simple a generic reference to an assignment showing something needs attention.