Ungraded Quiz Question type

Idea created by Kalli Binkowski on Oct 12, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I would like to see a question type that is not graded but allows students to enter text, which shows up in speedgrader during the normal grading of the quiz.


    This may sound weird, but hear me out.  I have some use cases for this.

    1.  Instructor poses true/false questions.  Knowing that subtle readings of these questions may affect how a student understands the words, she follows each T/F question with a essay question "If you answered false, explain what was wrong with the statement."  This allows her to review these and change the score on the T/F question if needed.  

    2. Instructor is conducting research and has questions that go with a quiz activity that she doesn't want affecting the grade. 

    3. Instructor wants to include an honor policy question (I will not cheat on this quiz), but doesn't want it affecting the grade.


    Right now she has to use an essay worth 0 points and go in and enter zeros for EVERY student.


    Alternative solutions would be:

    1. create a bulk fill of score/default grade option inside a quiz so that instructors can use whatever question type they want and set it to zero point and fill it with zeros.
    2. Set it so any question worth 0 points of any type is automatically graded as zero.  This would allow instructors to use this question and could change it to add a point to earn extra credit.  Not worth it if they still have to enter zeros for all the unanswered or incorrect ones.


    Not sure how useful this would be to others. Vote up please if it would be of use to you!