Shorten the 'To Do' Section's Retention Period

Idea created by Geoffrey Lathrop on Oct 12, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Rana K
    • Geoffrey Lathrop

    The ‘To Do’ section shows all assignments with a due date in the next seven days, including ungraded quizzes and assignments that do not require a Canvas submission.  Once the due date has passed, items remain in the ‘To Do’ section for four weeks.   


    In its current state, the ‘To Do’ list is more of a ‘Past Assignments’ list.


    Students take four or five classes a term, and can easily have one or more assignment due each week for each class. That’s at least four assignments a week.  The ‘To Do’ section has a limited display space, showing only five assignments at a time.  With a retention period of four weeks, old assignments fill up the section and prevent upcoming assignments from appearing in the section.


    I suggest that the retention period for completed assignments be shortened.  To find the most useful retention period, talk to students to see how they use this list and what they would like to see as a retention period.  I would think that a retention period of three days, maybe even one week, would make the ‘To Do’ section much more useful to students.  If you could modify functionality so that each student could set a retention period that matches their needs, that would be ideal.


    With a shortened retention period, completed assignments would roll off sooner and allow upcoming assignments to automatically appear in the list when they are useful to students, before they are due.  A shortened retention period would remove the need for students to perform manual maintenance of the list.  Having to perform manual maintenance is time-consuming and frustrating to students and defeats the purpose of having an automated roll-off process.