Allow second answer for full credit without changing correct answer on quiz regrade

Idea created by on Oct 15, 2018
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    • Barb Marcolin
    • Levi Magnus
    • Ulla Sypher

    For multiple choice questions, it would be helpful to be able to award credit for a second answer without changing the correct answer.  Currently, there is only the option to *change* the correct answer if we feel that students should get credit for another answer on a question and we want to regrade a quiz.  The correct answer is still the correct answer, even if another answer may have been too misleading or incorrectly worded or too similar to the correct answer and I feel they should get credit if they incorrectly chose that answer.


    So, when we go back into a quiz to edit the questions, there could be an option to "allow credit" for another answer without changing what the correct answer is.


    Thank you!