CSS / JS Modification to High Contrast Mode

Idea created by Dustin Young on Oct 15, 2018
    Open for Voting

    CSS / JS modifications specifically to the Canvas High Contrast Mode is a high priority for my team at FIU Online


    With tens of thousands of students, many are also learning with challenges including deficient contrast and color sensitivity, limited visual field, and dyslexia.  Though current high contrast mode settings go a long way, we have students that need additional assistance.


    We have done research into usability modifications would best help our students; and have investigated modifications to CSS that should be very doable, but find our hands tied at efficient and functional implementation. Currently, our team has created a mutation JavaScript to post-process React object styling; which is a bad solution.


    Because our work is reaching outside the scope of the intent of the basic theme modification, I'm proposing feature additions to address this.


    Please see attached and linked documentation of our student requests, subsequent mock ups, proposed code changes and our research references.


    Fall 2018 High Contrast Mode Suggestions - Google Docs


    Thank you.

    Dustin Charles Young

    Web Design - System Support + Development

    FIU Online