Grade Report that includes Unposted Current Letter Grade

Idea created by Jessica Del Carlo on Oct 16, 2018
    • Dominic Bigue

    We have been told by Sean at Canvas Support that the calculated letter grade we should be importing into our SIS for each marking period  is the Unposted Current Grade. Neither of the two grades report available in Canvas right now include the Unposted Current Grade.  We need a report with minimum of 3 columns so that we can import into Aeries SIS:  the student ID (SIS ID), the section number and the Unposted Current Letter Grade. 

    Because this report is not currently available to us, we are importing the Current Letter Grades into Aeries SIS and teachers have to go into Aeries and change the grades when muted assignments have affected the calculated letter grade.


    Mitchell at Canvas Support recommended that we request this custom report through this channel.