Use Display Name for everyone except Teacher or Admin

Idea created by Robert Banks on Oct 18, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Because there are quite a few scenarios where a student's name will change depending on the tool used in a course, I would like Instructure to set up a permissions that force certain roles in a course to only be able to view the Display Name for student's privacy and safety.


    Currently, this is the break down on how Full Name and Display Name affect a user in a course


    • Full Name 
      • People (include People in Groups), Groups (Instructor view), Roll Call/Attendance, SpeedGrader, Gradebook (incl GB History, LMG, GB Export), Assignments (when differentiating), Peer Reviews (Instructor Assign Page), Quizzes, Quiz Moderation (but if you click to view a student, it shows display name), Quiz Log Audit, Quiz Student Analysis, Canvas Notifications (Message Body), Chat Tool, Conferences, Course Analytics, Students Interactions Report, Access Report, Sections, 
    • Display Name 
      • Discussions (course & group), Announcements (course & group), Conversations, Canvas Notifications (From Name), Student Context Card, Page (Edit history, if allowed), Assignments (Moderate page), Peer Reviews (Student Assigned Peer Review)


    For example, if you allow self sign-ups for groups, only the Full Name is used and this will notify everyone to the discrepancy of a student's name. Allowing only Teacher or Admin roles to view a student's full name will alleviate privacy concerns for students who may be transitioning or have legal reasons that they do not wish to be identified with their legal name such as domestic violence survivors.