Changing SpeedGrader's Hide Name feature

Idea created by UW Learning Technologies on Oct 21, 2018
    • Doug Herstad
    • Tom Nguyen
    • UW Learning Technologies
    • Nicholas Kim
    • Nik Liang
    • Hyun Oh Kim
    • Brendan Eddy
    • Victoria Nguyen
    • Jason Kissinger

    In SpeedGrader there is a feature named "Hide student names in SpeedGrader". This, to many of our users, is a confusing feature as the hide student names option only hides the names of the students but keeps the sorting order instead of randomizing them. When dealing with courses involving fewer students, this defeats the purpose of the feature. Our clients are expecting hidden, randomized lists but are receiving the same ordering as when student names were visible, thus partially defeating the purpose and leading the user astray.


    When we reached out to Instructure, we were directed to the anonymous grading feature to use instead. Due to this suggestion, we believe that Canvas should either link these two features or remove the hide names feature so that anonymous grading features are less ambiguous to the users.


    Would it be possible to make this change?


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