Canvas Idea: Discussion Board Posting Notification

Idea created by Robert Pollack on Oct 22, 2018
    Open for Voting


    The Canvas discussion board does not allow for easy grading before the postings are closed. Given this, is there a way to notify the professor for each student when they have posted a new message, specifically after the professor has graded some of the postings with other posts registering subsequent to that, before the posting is due and to also provide a notification if there is a posting after the post is due. The specific need for a notification comes into play when, in discussion forums, the professor would like to grade partial completion (i.e. student posts 3 of 5 required), but still be notified of further posts during the availability window/time frame, before the due date window is closed. This will offer the potential for ongoing discussion between the professor and student during the assigned posting period. Presently, once a posting is scored during the posting window, Canvas offers no further notifications of additional posts at all. The Notifications should be placed within the Gradebook, so the professor can see the additional posts that need to be graded during and after the due date time frame.