Enhance Complete/Incomplete Grade Display

Idea created by Case Management on Oct 23, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Case Management

    An instructor wants to display a grade for an external learning tool assessment using the Complete/Incomplete option; however, Canvas will only treat the assignment as Complete if the tool provider returns 100%, meaning that the student had to receive a perfect score.


    Therefore, this feature does not adapt to the varied ways in which instructors may wish to evaluate Complete/Incomplete, such as when framed as Pass/Fail or Attempted/Unattempted.


    Some instructors may only be interested in whether the assignment was attempted or not, regardless the score.  Others may expect a certain threshold score be reached, while still others may prefer the current behavior, giving students unlimited attempts so that everyone has ample opportunity to repeat the assignment until 100% is achieved.


    There is an opportunity to improve this feature by providing a means for instructors to define what result constitutes a Complete/Incomplete, whether that be any score, a certain score, or a perfect score.