Quizzes.Next-Only allow certain students to review quiz questions and correct answers

Idea created by Courtney Campbell on Oct 24, 2018
    • Courtney Campbell

    In my role, I support a pre-professional health sciences program. The exams are high stakes and faculty are concerned with exam security/integrity. Grades are muted and released, but faculty never allow students to review questions and correct answers in Canvas. We are currently downloading each students' answers using Student Analysis in first generation Quizzes. This process is extremely time consuming as we have almost 200 students and they take 4 classes per semester.  Even with selecting a date to review and a date to end the review of quiz questions and quiz answers, there are concerns about exam security as there is nothing to stop students who are not in the proctored exam review from reviewing quizzes elsewhere and copying exam questions and answers. It would be helpful for me and others whose faculty have these same exam security concerns to be able to choose which students are able to view questions and correct answers in Canvas. Having this feature will allow ONLY students attending the proctored exam review to review questions and correct answers on the exam that was previously taken.