Custom enrollment labels like "waitlist"

Idea created by James Ashby on Oct 25, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Tarah Dykeman
    • Natalie Sharp
    • Lisa Lucas
    • James Ashby
    • Viktoriya Oliynyk
    • Marcus Williams
    • Joseph Sarmiento

    Right now student enrollments can show up with labels in the People tool like "inactive" or "pending" that reflect enrollment states. It'd be awesome if admins could set up custom labels that aren't functionally tied to enrollment states, but allow admins to flag students in useful ways for instructors. Some example labels: "waitlist", "auditor", "arts & sciences", etc.


    Admins would be able to write their own flags, and they'd be set through the Enrollments API. These flags would be separate from enrollment state (so you could be "inactive" and "waitlist" at the same time). Furthermore, the flags would have no functionality impact: their purpose would be just to display information about that particular enrollment. Finally, the flags should be visible in as many places as possible: People, Grades, groups, etc.


    I know a workaround for this is to create a custom role for each desired enrollment label: like having a "waitlisted student" role. This has multiple disadvantages: custom role names aren't visible in many places, custom role names don't display information as nicely as enrollment labels like "inactive" (for example), custom role names cannot combine different enrollment flags together, and this workaround would require creating lots of identical roles.