Group Work/ Adding Microsoft OneDrive

Idea created by Meghan Colburn on Oct 25, 2018
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    • Meghan  Colburn
    • Michelle Kelley

    Currently looking to add a Microsoft OneDrive feature within canvas. This would specifically strengthen group work. I am currently in 2 courses WF ED 572 and WF ED 880. Both of these courses require group work. Although the groups are determined from the professors, the rest is up for grabs. While trying to determine how to easily and effectively share a document, it would be helpful to have a feature right inside of canvas. My current group for WF ED 880 has been using Microsoft OneDrive and chasing different links throughout discussions/emails. In the past few weeks we have decided to try out Google Docs. I was PRO google docs in the very beginning of the course but after using OneDrive it seems to be most effective. Our group has decided that we would ultimately like to stay inside of "The world of Canvas". These are my first two courses for this graduate program however this program promotes healthy collaboration and it would be most effective if there were resources available for this to be successful!