Observer Role Stripped After Course Conclusion

Idea created by Matthias Johnson on Oct 25, 2018
    • Matthias Johnson

    By the title you are probably thinking that works as it should, but I have identified a scenario in which, as a parent, you can no longer add your other children as Observees. My institution is K12. If you have a senior that you originally created your Observer account with, and then their courses conclude as they graduate, you lose your Observer role status. After the summer ends and you have another child that is entering freshman year, you can't add the freshman child using a pairing code because the button to add additional Observees is gone as you are no longer an Observer. You also can't sign up again because that email account is already in use. You can manually navigate to institutionsURL//profile/observees but this is a cludge. Why would you ever take away the Observer role? Does it create a problem if you still have it after all the courses are completed?