Chat: Automatic pop up of the chat box when a message is received

Idea created by Jennifer Reid on Oct 26, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Our academic staff would like the chat box (at the bottom right hand corner of the screen - usually minimised) to automatically 'pop up' to visually alert them to the fact that a student has sent a chat message and to also receive an 'audible alert.' (e.g. a ping) This would make the canvas 'chat tool' more like other 'instant messaging' chat services e.g like FB instant messaging.


    At the moment academics wouldn't know/realise if messages had come through unless they had this box continually  'pinned' open or were inside the chat tool itself.


    There is a feature request to get an 'audible alert' added  - please vote it up to make this happen. Audible alert for CHAT feature 


    However this request is to get the 'automatic pop up' of the chat box. Please vote up both feature requests.


    Many thanks,