Coming Up

Idea created by Onain Zahid on Oct 28, 2018
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    • Onain Zahid
    • Laura Puchino
    • Shiloh Pennock
    • Gabriel Rau
    • Evan H
    • Tristan Steinman
    • Crusher WONG
    • Jonah Slocum

    Hi, I noticed that you guys recently took out the Coming Up tab. While I realize that the Coming Up tab was somewhat redundant with the "To Do" tab, if  I had to pick to keep one it would be the Coming Up tab. The To Do tab is cluttered with old assignments that are long overdue (unless you are very diligent with X-ing them out) and with announcements that are not really assignments or something that I have "To Do". Please at least make the "To Do" list update automatically (like Coming Up did) and prevent the "Show All" button from taking you to list view. I really appreciate your time. Thank you.