Use Rubrics Without Students being able to see them until we say go!

Idea created by April Mixon on Oct 27, 2018
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    We have 140 students in one class.  It would make our lives SO much easier if we could start grading assignments using a rubric such that the students cannot see the rubric.

    Our directions are bulleted - and every bullet is tied to a rubric item - but our rubrics are detailed and tell students you did this, you should have done that.  As such, we do NOT want the answer solutions in the rubric visible to the students before the due date (before you say just give them the rubric, when the rubric has the answers to the assignment we can't do that!)


    In the current system, once you attach a rubric, it's visible for everyone to see.  Why can't you just add a box that says "hide rubric to students" or "mute rubric"


    We already have mute assignment for the students during grading - such that if I graded the assignment WITHOUT a rubric, they wouldn't see what I am doing - why discourage rubric use and make grading more difficult when we use a rubric??


    MUTE should be mute - including the rubric.  This would allow us to start our grading as work comes in.  Instead of getting 140 assignments to grade at one time - I could start as they come in - that's the point of the rubric, it makes it easy to grade consistently even over many days!


    Please add in the option to MUTE the rubric to the students so we can start grading ASAP as opposed to waiting.