Allow dashboard list view to be turned on/off at a sub-account or course level

Idea created by Kunal Ashar on Oct 29, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Lindsey Mercer
    • Kunal Ashar
    • Andrea G Schmidt
    • Antony Coombs
    • Adley Lopes

    Like many schools, we have a master Canvas account, and many sub-accounts under it, representing various departments or schools within our main school.


    Many students and faculty members were naturally alarmed and confused when we turned on the dashboard "list view" as the default at the master account level. We had to placate, teach and train a large number of students and faculty over the period of several days, on why this happened and how they could use it or switch it. Finally, after several days of confusion and complaints, we had to set the default back to card view - a pity, because the list view is useful, but turning it on without granular control is a bug.


    In my opinion, forcing list view at the master account level is incorrect and possibly a poor user experience. Instead, courses or at-least sub-accounts should be allowed to set their own dashboard defaults to list view or card view.