Hide Groups in Grade Book

Idea created by Brandi Clark on Oct 31, 2018

    I use the "weighted grade" option on the assignments page as means of separating report periods.  Our students use the same Canvas course for the entire year.  I don't have the time in my day to put due dates on every single assignment and to update those dates every year or every time something causes a change in the schedule. Therefore, the option in the grade book to show the current report period assignments is useless to me.  Instead, I use the weighted grade option to put all of the report period 1 (2,3,4) assignments in to one group.  Then at the start of each term I set the weight to 100% for the current report periods assignments.  The problem is that every assignment shows up on the grade book which results in lots of scrolling through old assignments.   Could an option be added to the assignments page where you could choose to "mute"  assignments that are not in a weighted group from showing up in the grade book? #grade book #weighted grades