Rubric -Remove "No Details" default when adding a custom rating

Idea created by Jacqueline Mahannah on Oct 29, 2018
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    • Camille Pierre
    • Erich Holtmann

    Rubric - Remove "No Details" default when adding a custom rating.

    Sometimes I want to add a custom rating between scores on individual students assignments. For example, if my rubric has 1 = Full credit, 0.75 = Partial credit, 0.5 = Half credit, 0 = No credit. If I want to give a student 0.9 instead for just barely missing the mark. If I type this in while grading, Canvas automatically titles it "No details". It can not be edited. "No details" is misleading to students.  I would rather canvas leave the title blank, when an extra rating category is added on the fly.