Allow Flexibility in Attaching Outcomes to Rubrics

Idea created by Lisa Moore on Oct 29, 2018
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    • Kelly Pierzchala
    • Lisa Moore
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    • Michael Dicks
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Donna Bohn

    Canvas Outcomes are an excellent way to collect and monitor student progress. I do, however, think there is room for improvement in the usability of this feature. As an instructor, I would like to have the same flexibility in attaching outcomes to Rubrics as is currently allowed in Quizzes. 


    In Quizzes, instructors write their own quiz questions and, using their professional judgment , determine which outcome (standard) the question measures. They attach the outcome to the questions on their own. (In my school, PLC teams serve as a way to check that the quiz question actually assesses the Outcome that has been attached.) 


    The Outcomes feature in Rubrics, however, offers much less flexibility. Currently, in order to set up a way to track that data at the district level, we import outcomes and use these pre-determined outcomes to build rubrics. To make these effective tools for communicating with students, we can add a set of descriptors. However, in order to use them to track data, they have to be set at the district level. This means that every time I build a rubric, I locate and add each Outcome, complete with those pre-determined descriptors. Thus, no matter how I am measuring that Outcome in the writing assignment, the language I use to communicate it with students has to be the same. 


    Though it is necessary to use the same outcomes district-wide so that we may track data, it is not effective to have the language of the rubric pre-determined at the course level. Following best practices, teachers in my district assess students on these outcomes using multiple methods and assignments. How that outcome is addressed will look different in different assignments. In order to communicate this to students, I need to be able to write my criteria descriptors in a way that is specific to the assignment. I need the autonomy to attach the appropriate outcome using my discretion (and the discretion of my PLC). 


    When writing Quiz questions, teachers and PLCs currently have this autonomy; whereas, tracking this data using rubrics requires a sacrifice in effective teacher/student communication. Please change this, so that the Rubrics feature offers the same flexibility that is offered in Quizzes.