Grading Periods for Free Canvas Accounts

Idea created by Max Gorham on Oct 31, 2018
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    • Sergio Hernández
    • Max Gorham

    I teach high school students that are on the four quarter system. It is very difficult to use Canvas without the ability to create grading periods. It means that I have to create a new Canvas course for each quarter if I want my students to be able to monitor their grades, without their grades being affected by work they did in prior quarters. Once made, I have to invite students to each of the new quarters (which is not as painful as it could be due to the class code options, but still), and begin again. It would be so much better to divide their Canvas class like their grade books are divided. And while I understand the desire to have features that attract new clients/paid accounts, this is such a basic feature that it should be available to everyone. free teacher account efficient grading