Collaborations - see student contributions

Idea created by Joseph Avneri on Nov 7, 2018
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    • Jennifer Reid
    • Joseph Avneri
    • Rob Ditto
    • Gideon Williams
    • aaron crozier
    • Laurence Kennedy

    We currently have Office 365 collaborations setup in our institution and a common question from instructors is how can they identify who contributes what to a collaboration and when.


    In office 365 you can use existing functionality - for example in word - track changes can be turned on with various other options associated with that function that will enable instructors to see who contributed what. 


    But my idea is if this functionality can be available in Canvas interface itself:  - can version history and edits of an office 365 collaboration be made available / brought forward in the Canvas collaborations edit screen rather than instructor having to go into office 365 to view this information.


    I have also submitted another idea to develop a new Canvas Collaboration Activity where the all the functionality would sit within Canvas itself without the need for office 365 or Google docs etc.