New Collaboration Activity

Idea created by Joseph Avneri on Nov 7, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Can a new collaboration activity be developed that sits within Canvas itself without the requirement to use third party applications / LTI's such as Office 365 or Google docs? Of course still keep the options for office 365/google/others but this would be an extra option.  For example like discussions but this new 'Canvas' collaboration would include all of the following functionality:


    • Ability for instructors to view who contributed to a collaboration along with what and when
    • Real-time co-authoring/editing with presence flags (like word collaborations)
    • Real-time tracking of the collaboration (e.g. similar to track changes in word)
    • Perhaps some grade functionality built in such as the option to enable as a graded collaboration with a column in the gradebook.


    The list for functions could go on and on - the scope for this could be quite big I think if it sat within Canvas itself.


    You may also wish to view my similar idea to bring more of the tracking functionality across from O365 to Canvas: Collaborations - see student contributions 


    Please vote and share your thoughts through the comments below.