Suggestion to help Canvas uploads

Idea created by Damien Greenhalgh on Nov 7, 2018

    I hope I'm listing this in the correct place. I started university this year and using Canvas to acquire files is confusing over time because more and more keep getting added. Already, there's about 100+ on there across just three modules split into different tutors and there's no order to it other than chronologically being added. 


    Can it not be updated to allow for a few things to help those that use it?

    I'd like it if there could be a check box to the side of each thing that's uploaded that can then be used as an indication I've already downloaded that file. And this could further be altered to allow me to click a button to "hide/unhide" those that are checked just to get them out the way and I can then very quickly see something that has since been uploaded that week.So many things are getting altered and added each week that it's hard to tell. I have absolutely no idea what I've already downloaded now.