Sync Assignment Group Grade Totals with PowerSchool

Idea created by Kyle Gekopi on Nov 7, 2018
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    • Kyle Gekopi

    I run a course that has a lot of little assignments: at least 1 quiz per day, reading checks, and make-up work grades.  Pushing all of these to PowerSchool would make the PS gradebook too "busy" and too difficult for parents to follow.  I therefore only want push the category totals to PowerSchool for SIS reporting.  Currently, I download all my grades to a CSV, then copy and paste the category totals into mock assignments in a "Grade" Assignment Group and push that to PowerSchool.  


    I would like to be able to publish and push Assignment Totals straight to PowerSchool as if they were an assignment.


    Potential Solution 1:  Allow for grade categories to be synced as individual assignments.


    Potential Solution 2:  Allow for a widget to create an assignment that automatically populates student grade totals from the assignment group categories.  (Which I would then set up on a cyclical publishing schedule).


    Thanks everyone!