View Notification Settings As Instructor

Idea created by Ryan Gladysiewicz on Nov 8, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I would like to be able to see the notification settings of my students.  Instructors rely on assumptions about students receiving information from a course electronically.  It would be helpful for instructors to know for certain what the notification settings are and identify students that do not have certain ones turned on. 


    If I know most of the class is not using a certain notification I am relying on, I can make sure I address it with them or find an alternative way to communicate information to them.


    Knowing whether a student is receiving notifications can assist in assessing whether a student is having trouble with content or just simply not engaged with the course.


    I don't think there is anything sensitive about seeing the notification settings.


    Ideally, there would be a screen that shows a break down of course roster with each of the notification types.  Perhaps something similar to the gradebook fromat.  I should be able to search by student or filter by a specific notification setting (eg. Conversation Message - ASAP)


    Admins should have access to the same screen when in the course.