Active Login on One Device

Idea created by Victoria Richards on Nov 8, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Victoria Richards

    We have had students be logged in as another student (e.g. student A logged into student B's laptop to look at his classes and if he didn't log out, he is still logged in the next time Canvas is pulled up), and take quizzes and exams on this student's account. The students are in the same course and they only realize that they weren't logged in as themselves when the exam submits before they've hit submit (because the other student logged in to the same account hit submit) and/or when they log in to Canvas from a different account, there is no grade and/or submission available for them to review.


    Is there a setting that will force quit log ins on other devices when logging into a new device? This would mean that you can only be logged into one device at all times. Is there a setting that I should know about as an admin that I can push forward on our instance?