Group assignment, self-sign up from submission page.

Idea created by Erik Lysbakken on Nov 9, 2018
    • Erik Lysbakken
    • Kai Myrholen


    Canvas has a setting, which allows students to self-sign up to groups when using group assignments. However, the submission page does not tell the student how to submit as a group at all.

    We often do group submissions in “larger” courses with 200+ students. When self-sign up is used, students have to browse through 100+ groups in order to find the group they are supposed to join.

    This is especially difficult if there are several group sets with 100+ groups within the course (very messy).

    This causes a lot of frustration and students often submit individually or end up signing into the wrong group. Signing into the wrong group creates many problems when grading submissions.


    I think there are a few things that would make this process easier.

    * Self-sign up should be available directly from the submission page.

    * Allow students to create their own groups for group assignments. This would eliminate the very messy group page       students have to scroll through when signing into groups now.

    * Separate group sets for students from the People page.  Having all the group sets combined is very confusing.


    I understand some of this might be difficult to implement. However, with the way group assignments work now, self-sign up from larger courses is almost impossible without a lot of confusion and chaos.