Group assignment, self-sign up from submission page

Idea created by Erik Lysbakken on Nov 10, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Canvas has a setting, which allows students to self-sign up to groups when using group assignments. However, the submission page does not tell the student how to sign up or submit as a group at all.

    We often do group submissions in “larger” courses with 200+ students. When self-sign up is used, students often get confused and have to ask for specific instructions on how to sign up to a group.

    This is time consuming and causes frustration. Students often end up submitting individually or sign into the wrong group, which again causes problems when grading assignments.


    * Self-sign up should be available directly from the submission page.

      That would allow students to submit and sign up to a group at the same time, from the same location. Which would      eliminate some of the need for specific instructions.