Add concluded courses to Provisioning and SIS reports

Idea created by James Ashby on Nov 13, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Tarah Dykeman
    • Samuel Morris
    • Aisha Jackson
    • Rob Ditto
    • Natalie Sharp
    • Lisa Lucas
    • James Ashby
    • Viktoriya Oliynyk

    Right now when an admin runs a Provisioning or SIS Export account report with the "Courses CSV" option, concluded courses don't show up in the report by default. You have to check the "Include Deleted Objects" option in order for concluded courses to be shown. This doesn't make sense. "Concluded" and "deleted" are different things. There should either be a separate option to include concluded objects, or concluded objects should just show up by default.


    There's a big difference at our school between concluded and deleted. Instructors can conclude their own courses, but not delete them. And if we include deleted objects in our exports, this creates an enormous amount of clutter to sift through versus just having the active+concluded objects. Including deleted objects means bigger files, longer wait times for the reports to run, more RAM used by automated processes, etc. So being able to get the concluded objects without the deleted would be helpful, not to mention it would be in line with what is actually written in Canvas: "Include deleted objects", with no mention of concluded ones.