Calendar - Custom Dates Cross Out

Idea created by Joshua Sidell on Nov 12, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jessica Heeren
    • Evan Tellep
    • Deaven Sronce
    • Joshua Sidell

    A simple idea, but adding a feature to cross out assignments I've completed on the Calendar which I've created myself without physically deleting the event would be nice.


    Why: I tend to make custom events for assignments I plan on completing, usually since I have my entire semester's schedule at the beginning. I do not like getting assignments done on time rather earlier than the due date. 


    Problem: I do not like deleting events because it makes it so I am unable to keep an idea of my overall progress in terms of how efficient I am being. As far as I know, only professors assignments can do that. If I am able to via time that is not good enough since it adds an extra step to an otherwise simple feature. 


    Suggestion/Idea: I suggest adding a feature either in the edit event menu on the calendar or by simply clicking on the title that crosses the custom event title out. 


    Benefits: Not every class is connected to the Connect calendar and to those of us who have to manually enter it or actually use the built in calendar for our school schedules may like to have a feature to quickly cross out the test signifying it to be complete on that particular day.