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Idea created by Cory D. Jensen on Nov 15, 2018
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    My students will be doing a lot of their work and assessments at home.  When a student takes a quiz, we all want to make sure that the quiz is being taken by the right student - not somebody else taking it for them.  Currently, I haven't found any features that ensure that the person sitting in front of the computer is the same person whose Canvas account is being used.


    I asked a student today if this type of cheating goes on, and he told me that last week there were 2 people who asked him to take their quiz for them.  


    What if as a question on a quiz I could ask them to take a picture of themselves?  Could we embed some html into a question that opens their webcam to take a snapshot?  I've tried embeddding a couple of 3rd party sites such as flipgrid, but it would be fantastic if the picture were saved directly as the answer to that particular quiz question.