Make non-numerical assignments in gradebook more data-entry/keyboard friendly

Idea created by Linnea Thompson on Nov 15, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Linnea Thompson

    I have a group of new transfer students adding my semester-long class at the quarter. As a result, I'm going through and excusing them from a lot of last quarter's assignments, and filling in transfer grades for others.


    For points-based assignments, this works really well. I can just paste "ex" or "7.5" or whatever, then tab to the next field and do it again until I have everything filled in. (It would be nice to also be able to remove the "missing" status this way, but I'll live.)


    However, I also have attendance assignments that are complete/incomplete. It appears that the only way to mark them as excused is to open up the context card, click on excused, mouse back up to the little arrow, and repeat for each assignment. This is much slower than going "ex"-tab-"ex"-tab over and over, but I am locked out of being able to type in the field as I can for numeric assignment types. 16 assignments times about 10 students, and I am really starting to notice the difference.


    Please make a way to use the keyboard for rapid data entry of grades for non-numerical assignments in this situation. I suggest "ex" for excused, and maybe C/I for Complete/Incomplete, or A/B/C/D/F/I/Ex for letter grade assignments. 


    (I am using the new gradebook.)