Year to Year Editing Notes

Idea created by William Heyward on Nov 19, 2018
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    • Cynthia Hollingsworth

    I imagine this in a couple different formats that might be useful but essentially it would be a means of making notes on changes for the next iteration of the class.  One of the best thing for my classes about the Canvas system is the fact that it forces me to organize and conserve my content from year to year which makes it easier for me to make changes and see those change in the context of the content of a whole year.  To leverage that feature it would be nice to be able to leave myself notes from year to year as I am in the middle of the content section and everything is fresh in my memory.  I am currently adding these to the titles if I don't want to make content changes that might confuse my current students. 

    I have come up with several variations.

    1) A side bar, drop down window or etc. that can be called up on any page in my canvas classroom environment and that is connected to that particular page.

    2) Sticky notes that are also attachable to any page in my classroom.  Similar to the notes from the Speedgrader. These could be attached to the specific content in the page, like a picture or highlighting certain content.  Now that I read what I just wrote it is basically the speedgrader applied to the whole Classroom environment and only visible to the teacher or other contributors.  

    a) The final part could be added to either of the above but it would be nice if the first time I visit a page after the year has been reset or the class copied that the system generates a list of my remarks at the top of the page, preferably in Bright Red font.