Kimono Data Status Portal

Idea created by Andrew Koop on Nov 20, 2018
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    • Donna Clemens
    • Lisa Holliday
    • Andrew Koop
    • Sara Udelhofen

    Hello, I am a data admin for a medium-to-large sized school district. We've been using Canvas for five years and have enjoyed the granular type of data that we are able to pull from the SIS Import screen. 


    This year, we began using Kimono for our roster management. We have a scheduled export from our SIS that goes to Kimono and then gets processed into Canvas on a daily basis. This works great for the most part, but there are occasional failures. Sometimes a file from Kimono doesn't fully make it over to Canvas. 


    It would be very helpful to have a Kimono portal (or screen) where we can -- at a minimum -- see any data failures so that we can contact support before a student or teacher doesn't end up in a course. 


    Ideally, I'd love to see a Kimono portal (or a status email) that is similar to Apple School Manager, which gives you a breakdown of how many data changes you had in each run. Presently, you can see the result of the most recent file processing on the SIS Imports screen, but it doesn't give a full accounting of each of the various csvs that come over from Kimono to Canvas. I have solid data on whether or not my files made it to Kimono, but not what goes from Kimono into Canvas. I'm just hoping to see some additional data transparency there for proactive troubleshooting reasons.