Peer Reviews Fix - Display links on Assignment Page when assigned

Idea created by Ryan Gladysiewicz on Nov 21, 2018
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    We ran into an issue when using peer reviews with on paper and no submission assignments.  When a student is assigned another to review, they do not see the link to peer review on the assignment page until the instructor grades or leaves feedback on the assignment or if another student completes their peer review of that student.  Students can still access the peer review under their To Do list, the new List View and the notification email.  Two of these ways can easily be deleted by the student, making the peer review inaccessible to them.  List view requires students to leave the course and switch to a view they may not be using to access the peer review they've been assigned.    



    I am requesting that the code be updated on the assignment page to show students the urls of assigned peer reviews as soon as they are assigned for no submission and on paper assignments.  It is my guess when determining if the page should display URLs it is not checking to see if a peer review has been assigned and the assignment is No Submission or On Paper.    


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    To replicate:

    - Create a peer review for a no submission or on paper assignment.  

    - Assign your students another to review.

    - Visit the assignment page as one of the students.  You will not see any links to provide a peer review or view submission details.  

    - As the instructor, provide a comment or grade to the assignment.  

    - As the student return to the assignment page.  You will now see the url for your assigned peer review, along with the submission details link.  


    Note:  When working with an online submission assignment with peer reviews, a student will not see a link for their assigned peer review until they either A) submit something or B) the instructor provides a grade.  Instructor comments made through the assignments details page do not seem to display the peer review links on the assignment page.  This may be a concern for instructors wanting a student to be able to see another's work until they've turned something in themselves.