Flag Discussion for Re-Grading

Idea created by david cirulli on Nov 22, 2018

    HI Canvas Community,


    Have you ever been wrapped up grading a discussion, then have a student(s) come to you with a legitimate issue where was an discussion update and re-assessment?


    Right now if that happens, there is NO notification or identification in Canvas that the discussion, that was already graded needs re-assessment.   Seem most all others graded things get identified for re-assessment if the content changes.  Discussion seem to be the lone lost sheep...


    If the community likes not being notified, believe this could be a user specified item where the default stays as current with no notification.  But for those of us who would like the tool to support use to ensure we as instructors clearly review change control, then this a huge benefit. Right now the only way to do this is to accumulate all the email notifications (if notifications set) or go back through your 70-100 students to  see what has changed since last grading.


    Hope to enjoy a new feature soon!