Ad Hoc Group Assignment

Idea created by Jørgen Karlsen on Nov 26, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jørgen Karlsen

    As our university is new to Canvas after migrating from another system this year, we are struggling with group assignments. This is what causes most problem after the migration. The teachers don't make groups, or if they do, the students do not enter them.

    I wish there was a new option of group assignment, an ad hoc group, where the students can choose the group members when they do the assignment.



    Example of Teachers view when organizing new Assignment:

    This way there will be two options for Group Assignments, one where the students have Groups homepages and space for collaboration, and one where they just do their Assignment. The last option will be easier for teachers and students.


    Example of Students view when starting the submission:

    Example of Students view when starting the Assignment: